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Spanners is a silver blaze hob. Believed to be born 2018.


He is sweet young lad, who likes to "chatter" a lot at the moment!!


He is currently still under assessment and is booked in this week for Castration.


He will be microchipped and vaccinated before rehoming.

Looking for forever homes

Lots of ferrets looking for their forever loving home

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Wilhelmina is a polecat coloured jill. She was born in spring 2019.


She can be very shy and nervous at times, and initially was scared of other ferrets, but has now been integrated well with others. Needs a patient home who will continue her nip training and positive reinforcement.


She is booked in to be neutered this coming week.

She is vaccinated and microchipped.



Porthos - Polecat hob, believed to have been born 2017


Porthos is a stunning lad, but is a bit shy and can be nippy through nerves. He's actually very sweet once you get to know him.


Porthos is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

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Registered Charity: 1163841

All ferrets are neutered, microchipped and  vaccinated with Nobivac (1 full vial), before rehoming. (With the exception that kits are not neutered until they are mature). Their vaccination cards will be given to the new owners along with relevant paperwork. We also transfer the microchip into your details free of charge.


Adoption fee is £50 for neutered adults and kits over 6 months old.  


Adoption fee is £25 for unneutered kits (unneutered under 6 months old) to go to a home with other youngsters and a contract will be signed by the new owner for the kit to be neutered when old enough, for which the new owner is solely responsible for the cost.

Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue and welfare Chippenham, Wiltshire


This is just a selection of the ferrets looking for homes at Fluffy Retreat,

to see more please visit our Facebook Adoption Album

2018-02-11 Venus

Victoria and Venus

Venus, albino jill, was born in 2017.

Victoria, polecat jill, was born in 2018.


Venus is a very pettite and pretty jill. She has vision issues in her right eye (due to a birth defect).

Both are very playful, but they can both be quite intense and nippy during playtimes. They do not tolerate being with other ferrets.


Vic and Venus are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

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