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Feechi, polecat coloured jill - believed to be born 2018/ 2019

Binah, sandy jill - believed to be born 2018/2019


Very sweet pair. They were both dumped in a box with their babies, in a park. But they are not holding it against anyone. They are lovely, sweet individuals, who are very welcoming to other ferrets.


Both will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before going to their own home.

Ferrets looking for forever homes

Lots of ferrets looking for their forever loving home

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Feechi and Binah

Patsy is an albino jill, believed to be born in 2017.


Patsy is a very shy girl, she bites out of fear. Needs a very pateint and understanding home. She does mix with others, but can be resistive with some ferrets.


She is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and is ready for her forever home.



Anna (slightly darker) & Elsa (paler) are sandy jills - Born 2016


Anna & Elsa are sisters. Elsa can have a bit of a temper on her. Being 4 this year automatically makes them harder to rehome, but we need to find a home for these girls and they must go together.


Both are neutered and will be microchipped and vaccinated before going to their new home.

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All adult ferrets are neutered, microchipped and  vaccinated with Nobivac DHP (1 full vial), before rehoming. Their vaccination cards will be given to the new owners along with relevant paperwork (during the current COVID vet arrangements, we are being sent emails with the batch number of vaccination on, rather than a vaccination card). We also transfer the microchip into your details free of charge.


Adoption fee is £50 for neutered adults and kits over 6 months old.  


Adoption fee is £25 for unneutered kits. A contract will be signed by the new owner for the kit to be neutered when old enough, for which the new owner is solely responsible for the cost.

Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue and Welfare Chippenham, Wiltshire

Anna and Elsa

This is just a selection of the ferrets looking for homes at Fluffy Retreat,

to see more please visit our Facebook Adoption Album

Chakide and Jafari

Chakide, polecat coloured hob kit - born 2020

Jafari, dark sandy coloured hob kit - born 2020


These are just two of the six kits found abandoned in a box. They were very thin and dehydrated, but after a week of good food at the rescue, they were soon recovered! All six kits are currently looking for wonderful homes, preferably in pairs.


They are all microchipped and will be vaccinated before going to their forever home. New owner will sign a contract to state they will get them neutered when they are old enough.

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